Grand finale of Airtel Super Singer Junior 3

The day clearly belonged to Yazhini and Pragathi. But I’m glad Pragathi didn’t bag the title. :DShe deserves this for being a backdoor entry. But Aajeedh was not at his best. He had ample time after his elimination. He could have at least prepared a semi-classical song. I thought in the second competitive round the choice of song was good; but his performance was mediocre and he was having sruthi lapses. It was unbelievable to watch ARR enjoying it.  As usual title is given to an undeserving contestant. I shall give my reasons later.

Bhavana was incredibly annoying. As anchors it is their duty to reduce the stage fear, lighten up and encourage the children. Before Yazhini started singing Mannavan Vanthanadi she kept asking her bayamma irukka… bayamma irukka. I was like WTH?! I wondered if it was a deliberate attempt to shatter Yazhini’s confidence. May be Bhavana was instructed to do so. She definitely overdid that to Yazhini compared to other contestants. Also people justify Sukanya messed up because of stage fear. If it is like that for even contestants of Sukanya’s age. How can they make Yazhini sing first in front of ARR?

I’m no fan of Pragathi. But I was really impressed with her “Isai Arasi” performance. A song which was originally sung by THREE singers. Have to appreciate her for choosing it. Her stamina was phenomenal, its such a lengthy song. Maiyya Maiyya was quite good too.

Utter shame! Sukanya, the so called spot selected finalist can’t sing a song without Sruthi lapses even at this stage. Anjali anjali was a total disaster. She was awful. Both her competitive performances sucked big time. I’m amazed at people who think she deserves the title even after listening to it! Even Gautham sang better than her. If they had opened the voting lines on grand finale day sukanya would have not been able to secure even 4th place. She has a good voice; I will give her that and has attempted many difficult songs. But she should have fixed her pitching problems by now. Of late she is not able to render even a single song without sruthi lapses. SRUTHI MAATHA LAYAM PITHA have to remember that… even her “yezhu swarangalukkul” in classical round had sruthi lapses. But she got standing ovation and chocolate shower. It was so ridiculous. I’m glad PG/Sukanya did not bag the title; both of them should have participated in Senior, they would have definitely got more public support. Poor Gautham his voice cracked at the beginning of Vidu kathaiya song. Felt his song selection should have been better!

Yazhini’s shock was obvious. She wouldn’t have expected it because Sukanya was the spot selected finalist whereas others were selected based on the so called marks. So people will spit on VTV. Also Yazhini probably did not expect to be in top 3 knowing VTV politics.

Wish Anjana/Anu were selected instead of Sukanya. At least the finals would have been more entertaining with these kids! I know they are not final material. They have a long way to go.  But both of them have absolutely beautiful voices; with formal training they will go places.  I never liked Malavika but she has improved. What happened to Sudha Raghunathan? She was horrendous.

The public voting should be removed altogether. We know it will never happen. If they are going to give the title to contestant based on mass appeal then the result of each round should also be left to public voting. The eliminations should not be based on judges score. Also I see no need of these many competitive rounds in that case. Say a contestant like Sukanya bagged the title by just singing classical and melody without exploring other genres. Will we accept it? :) I’m definitely not criticizing Aajeedh for not learning classical. He didn’t even do a minimum attempt, that is the issue here ! Yazhini, Anjana and Sephy lack classical training as well. But these kids did not shy away from singing classical genre. It is his second time participation in the show. He could have easily prepared a semi classical film song which doesn’t involve swarams, there are indeed umpteen songs. You don’t need classical background for it. With little guidance a talented contestant can make it. Some people mock are they going to do a kutcheri. Well, you are not expected to sing songs that are sung in Kutcheris in this show.  The point is except Aajeedh all the other contestants were forced to try genres where they were not strong. Vijay TV removed classical round from prefinals just to shield him. I’m just saying all the kids should be treated equal. What was the need for Mano to highlight Aajeedh comes from a family without musical background after the wild card results? Anu and Yazhini’s parents also know nothing about music. They too have come this far by self effort.

After Wild Card none of the Aajeedh’s performances were close to great. His feel was inconsistent in even songs like “Enna Solla Pogirai” a song which had lot of potential urigi urigi paada vendiya paatu; he was singing it like a cute song in some portions. Both Mano and Vani mentioned it in their comments.

Apparently, he forgot the lyrics in the second competitive round in grand finale. But unlike others I won’t make it a big issue. Memory skills is necessary but not that important for playback singing because most of the singers sing by seeing the lyrics only in both recording and shows.

The contestants are expected to sing classical genre in this show to just showcase their versatility. You don’t need classical background to demonstrate it. Also please don’t justify his lack of classical knowledge by bringing his age. He is 10 years old. Most of the kids are initiated into carnatic music at the age of 4 or 5. It is universally accepted as the ideal age to start learning by musicians and music teachers.

I don’t know about others, but this is my take on classical training. From old singers to new singers you can take anyone TMS, P.Susheela, Ghantasala, P.B.Sreenivas, Chitra, Lata mangeshkar, Rafi, Asha Bhosle, Chinmayi, Mahathi, Harini, Karthik, Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Sadhana Sargam, Shreya Ghosal most of these accomplished playback singers are trained in classical from a very young age. It may not be mandatory for playback singing but a sound knowledge in classical helps in the long run. MSV madhiri periya medhaingala solraanga na adhula edho oru artham irukkanum. Yesudas was advised to learn classical and approach later for chance by MSV. Music is basically permutation and combination of 22 notes. If you have good knowledge in swaras and notating ability it will help you to grasp and learn the sangathis quickly. Kaisiki nishadam(N1) pidikroma illa kakali nishadam(N2) pidikroma nu difference therinja it is easy to correct oneself. I would be happy if Yazhini and Aajeedh start taking classical lesson at least in future. Again I’m criticizing Vijay TV ONLY. Because they have forced all the kids except Aajeedh to try genres where they were not strong. Aajeedh got eliminated before classical round. But all the other kids worked hard to pass the classical round. Except Aajeedh all the wild card contestants who were eliminated before classical round attempted classical genre in Wild Card like Rakshita, Raja Ganapathy, Sephy, Akhilesh, Malavika etc. It was safely named challenging round so fine. But why did they remove classical round in pre-finals? Didn’t Ajeesh the title winner of SS2 sing “Paatum Naane” in pre-finals in the classical round? People are not expecting title winner/all contestants to have classical background but they expect the contestant to at least do a minimum attempt of semi-classical in any one of the rounds in the one year long journey that’s all. Again blame VTV for raising the expectations of people. Because they always make a show off that the title winner should be an ALL ROUNDER in every sense of the word. The competition is equally tough in junior and its the harsh truth. It is no way easy. So you cannot justify it saying its a kid show.

Public voting is just an eyewash. It is kept by Vijay TV just to earn money through SMS. It is Vijay TV and its sponsor Airtel who decides the title winner every time. Say PG/Sukanya won most of the people would have bashed Vijay TV. Will they agree if PG/Sukanya fans argue they are people’s choice accept and move on? Vijay TV definitely don’t care about losing viewers if they did they would have never given title to singers like Ajeesh. Aajeedh fans can be happy their favorite contestant got the title and people who think he doesn’t deserve will obviously bash Vijay TV.  It is the only thing we can do as viewer. If they always give the title who they believe is liked by majority of public. Why do they get so much flak from public then each season?

Quote I came across in another blog:

//But it seems there is a group which hated any carnatic music trained singer coming as winner because of reasons best known to them.//

Pragathi deserves it for being a backdoor entry. But have to agree with the above quote its definitely true. Well said. If people loathe singers with classical background then they have to literally stop listening to Indian film music because majority of the accomplished playback singers/music directors had some form of classical training. I’m not generalizing but in several websites a section of Aajeedh fans were writing down other contestants just because they are trained in classical to overrate him. It actually started much before the grand finale was conducted. How does it become their fault? Managing both studies and music for school children is no easy thing. Aajeedh has also learned piano which is good. How many of you can manage to do it?!

I reiterate Yazhini truly deserved the title. She is the most versatile singer of this season. Her voice modulation and feel is unparalleled. Its the most important quality for a playback singer. Aajeedh and Yazhini are the real “chella kurals”. But Yazhini explored all genres and did justice to them.


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4 thoughts on “Grand finale of Airtel Super Singer Junior 3

  1. Please send this article to ARR, mano and other broots who denied Yazhini’s efforts…

  2. Hi,
    It is a brutal murder of Yazhini’s talent by the judges…. I dont think ARR has a role to play in this. He has not given any realistic comments for anyone other than Yazhini, it came from heart…… being in that final stage, he cant give negative comments for the others.

    Ajeedh was decided as winner by judges for some strategy reasons…. may be to promote Vijay TV in Gulf countries as there are lot of Muslim people and to attract the crowd watching this program…

    Everyone who watch this program knows out of these 5 yazhini deserves to win the title… This is more than enough for that little angel…..

    Bias will be there in the next season as well and we will debate on that also…:-)

  3. I agree with you that Ajeedh should have given an opportunity to sing a carnatic based song… He should have practiced it when he was waiting for the wild card rounds, especially in the grand finale, singing two ARR songs looks like that they know ARR is going to be there and the way he dedicated the song to ARR, his body language everything says all these were pre-planned……

    Ajeedh, I want to listen a carnatic based song, when he goes into the new house, let the Vijay tv show that as a program and make him to sing a carnatic based song so as we can feel little relaxed…

    I feel more pity for Gowtham because the songs in the grand finale was not up to the mark. just two days before the grand finale i was thinking that nobody from this group was able to sing the “Paatum Naanea Bhavamum Naanea” song. Being the first candidate, I guess he was totally out of focus and was in deep fear.

    Its part of game, am happy that they didn’t give it to Pragathi and Sukanya.

  4. A very good piece written with sound knowledge and understanding of music.There is only one thing i disagree when the writer said the only thing the viewers can do is bash up vtv.That’s not true,the viewers can stop watching the show and it will die a natural death.

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