Do you support public voting for Airtel Super Singer?

I don’t think the winner is selected based on public voting as the title is mostly fixed. Judges are mere puppets in their hands; we can never trust them. So public voting is our last hope. But they are keeping it to just earn money through SMS. Vijay TV is so biased they don’t care about criticism. How can the voting lines be opened before the telecast of grand finale?! Most of the people already vote for their favorite contestant only, even if the other contestants perform better on that particular day. It is so ridiculous.

Actually Vijay TV faces equal criticism for both public voting and judges results every season. What can poor VTV do seriously?

How do you really think they can gain our trust?

I feel they should have a panel of eminent judges who will remain neutral in their stand. May be we can expect fair results in finals, if they invite Music directors and musicians/singers who have not sat as judges in the show before. I think that is the only solution. Like T.N.Seshagopalan can be invited to judge classical performance(was really impressed with his sharp remarks and valuable tips in carnatic idol), MSV for melody and so on… I mean they should rope in reputed judges who have expertise in the particular genre.

My views about the age limit for juniors

Its unfair to expect kids of small age to compete with contestants of Sukanya/Pragathi age and experience. Because their age is equal to their number of years of learning. The age limit should be made to 8 – 12 years next season. Even for child prodigies its practically not feasible to survive and win if you are under 8 years in such a tough competition and their voice will definitely not co-operate if they are very young. For boys its even more difficult if they are in the voice transformation stage which usually happens around 12 – 14 years.

Classical training

I see a few fans of Aajidh hyping him that he sings without having any formal training and degrade the rest of the talented contestants. It is not their fault.

VTV shielded Aajidh by eliminating him before the classical round; so that his weakness does not get exposed.

Who stopped Aajidh from receiving classical training?! It is not like there is dearth of good teachers in the Kaveri delta. Trichy is not a village. Even this year Music academy’s Sangeetha Kala acharya award recipient Trichy J.Venkatraman is from Trichy. People like him are easily approachable and they groom talented children. VTV does keep a separate round for classical genre every season. He should have started learning if he wished to participate in the show. Period. We cannot justify kids lack of classical training. I do like Aajidh. But will definitely not ask people to have soft corner for him just because he is not trained in classical music. The show is not expecting the contestants to do Raaga alapana, Kalpana swarams and Neravals.  You are just going to imitate the original singer by choosing a classical film song and add a bit of your own style. So with little guidance a contestant can make it. You are not expected to do a full-fledged concert. A super singer is expected to be an all rounder, that’s the image VTV has been creating so far. If you look at the previous seasons the contestants sung classical songs in minimum three rounds(classical, pre-finals and grand finale) I hope Aajidh and Yazhini start learning classical soon. It may not be mandatory for playback singing, but a sound knowledge in classical music definitely helps in the long run. That’s why greats like MSV advised Yesudas to learn classical when he approached him. TMS, PBS, Ghantasala, P.Susheela, Chitra, Yesudas all shined because of their classical knowledge. PS and Chitra studied classical music in college.

Please vote for the kid you want to on the basis of day’s performance. A better performer should not be put down just because he/she is classically trained.

Wild card results

After all the overacting by the judges is it plausible that the mark difference between Aajidh and Yazhini was just ONE MARK. Avvalavu nallavangala indha judges? 😀 Appa edhukku avlo hype and drama Aajidh ku mattum in WC?! I don’t think there is transparency in number of votes. They are creating an image that Yazhini will loose in finals because she has less popularity/public support. Nadathunga…they think viewers are fools

For the FIRST time in the history of Super Singer a contestant is promoted to finals without singing even a SINGLE classical song. I can’t stand the partiality in this show.

Yazhini is unmatched in voice modulation and feel. She is the most versatile singer of this season.

The guest judges never fail to highlight and praise the feel and expression in her renditions. She is one singer who always gets in to the skin of the song. But VTV insulted Yazhini by giving Best melody singer award IMHO. She deserved The most expressive singer or Best Soulful singer.

VTV is definitely overdoing the drama. Anu’s story is touching, it’s real I think. But why can’t the granny call their personal mobile number/landline? Should it happen in the show? Its very cheap on their part to play with the emotions of a kid in front of camera in an attempt to increase TRP. Most of the people find their drama irritating why do they fail to realize this is really beyond me.

What was the need for Mano to highlight Aajidh has no musical support in family? What about kids like Yazhini and Anu then?! Both the kids parents know nothing abt music. They have come this far by self effort too. Its really irritating when Pragathi/her mom utter the word sacrifice every time. You are not doing some social service by being here. Give me a break ! Some parents and kids travel every week for the show. Ellame kashtam dhaan. But you cannot ask for votes by highlighting your so called sacrifices… people will vote purely based on your voice and talent.

Please stop female contestants from singing male songs:

We don’t see male contestants attempting female hits to impress judges and audience. It is not like they cannot sing them. They can also attempt in their comfortable pitch like the female contestants. Edupadaadhu garndhu vera vishayam avanga pitch la. When girls do that, they rob the guys of good songs to perform. Please play fair.

Can’t help but feel Pragathi deliberately chooses male solos/duet so that the mistakes in her singing get overlooked by the judges. They tend to go gaga praising her song selection and saying its a difficult song. Or may be she finds them comfortable for her voice range. I really don’t know. She always chooses challenging numbers but never does complete justice to them.

Even seasoned singers like Vani Jayaram behaved weird in the show. I cannot appreciate the way she kissed Aajidh in the pre-finals after he sung Enna solla pogirai. Such behavior should not be encouraged at this stage. It can always be done behind the camera. I also don’t like the way Vani keeps talking about her songs. It is nothing but narcissism. Even in MSV round she was giving a big list of her hits with him instead of talking about his greatness.

People like me continue to enjoy watching this show because it showcase some incredible talents every season. It is the only reason we stick watching to this crap. But people are getting sick with the dirty politics VTV plays every time. If it continues like this the TRP will eventually decrease and the show is bound to loose its popularity.

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2 thoughts on “Do you support public voting for Airtel Super Singer?

  1. ooraichuthi on said:

    As said, Aajidh is participating for the second time. If he wants to contest in a music reality show he should equip himself for all genre of music. Some of the Aajidh fans defend him that he is too young and just 10 years old. Mostly Carnatic Gurus encourage classical training at the age of 4 or 5.

    As regards voting, for better transparency the voting portal should be managed by a respectable IT personality. Again a small weightage should be given for public voting in the assessment. The performance should be assessed purely on the basis of marks awarded by neutral judges who are not floored by the huge ‘honorarium’ offered by the channel.

  2. All the contestants have been forced to try genres where they were not strong except Aajeedh. But he has a blind fan following and they are defending him just for the heck of it.

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